No more guessing, no more waiting, and no more notepads and pencils… it's the 21st century dang it!


I made it do stuff I wanted, guessing you want it too

Taps or Buttons

Score by taping the lanes in the order they finished, or switch to buttons because the 50 free is too fast and they announce diving in the opposite order

Ditch the Pencil

Having trouble remembering that state cut time? Want to remember your kids best time? Save it in a note! Each note is tied to an event, and notes carry over from meet to meet.

Be Social

Once your team wins, share it to your favorite sites. Because if your kid wins the meet and it's not plastered all over social media, did they really win?

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The Home Page

Globally Edit Notes

Event, scored with taps

This time with buttons

Sharing is Caring

Plays well with Tablets


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